About Us

Business as – “traditional approach” no longer exists. Economic and social changes, rapid technology advancements , environmental challenges and market demands, all require an agile organization that can respond quickly and competently in order to remain successful.

We are constantly adapting to meet tomorrow’s challenges, increasing scale, reach and expertise to service our clients wherever they are. We provide advanced solutions and services with a national reach. The credible alliance with leading industry OEM’s and service providers is a major step in our strategy to extend our national reach and complement our portfolio and market expertise.Together we progress as a strong combination that drives growth and greatly enhances the services we provide to you as a client.

Our clients benefit from an experienced group of business technologists and their profound knowledge of both business and engineering. These experts have the experience and know-how to deliver end-to-end blueprints that can consistently stimulate your growth and profitability. Our expertise ensures that as a client you receive leadership in services and a passion for technology that drives efficiency and innovation.

We are proud that our portfolio includes clients from around the world that are impressive both in numbers and growth. Today, we have over decade of expertise in systems integrations and Hi-Tech technology. However, our partners have century years of experience in Low Voltage System. As you see, our market expertise and passion for technology are geared towards powering progress with one aim: envisioning and delivering the progress enabled by technology to create a collaborative and sustainable firm of the future, both for you, our client and for ourselves.


“To become the first choice in field of Low Voltage Solutions whereby we can help our customers and society at large to safe guards their life, premises and intellectual property combined with increased the business performance. Alongside we will provide the optimal value for our shareholders”.

The Strategy

We do it through engineering excellence, innovative products, high quality and superior service, team work, offering unique customer programs and above all we do it -By listening to you-our much valued customer. A clear-cut ROI.

Who we are?

Howell Protection systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the Howell Group of companies, a diverse group working for different spheres of life. HPSIPL is a leading company in the field of low voltage systems including fire, safety, security, Data/IT, Voice, Audio Video and building automation business offering customized solutions for diverse applications around the nation helping its customers and society at large to safe guard their life, premises and intellectual property alongside increase the performance of the building by deploying the value efficient systems.

Value Systems
  • Trust
  • People
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Clear Commitment communication (Internal & External)
  • DepRel: Dependability Reliability
  • Equal value for every individual
  • Social Respect

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